Michael Maag  

Michael Maag
Michael K Maag - Lighting and Projection Designer
For 30 years Michael has been lighting theatre, dance, musicals, opera, and planetariums from Florida to Oregon.

He designs the repertory lighting plots for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s three theatres. Collaborating with some of the top creative teams in theatre his flexible designs illuminate OSF’s varied productions. For the last 16 years Michael has also served as OSF’s Lighting and Projection Department Manager. With light, creativity, engineering, and an embarrassing amount of enthusiasm Michael translates the dreams of directors and designers into reality.

Education: B.S. Technical Theatre, University of Northern Colorado. 1986

Hobbies: amateur astronomy, photography and VJing Michael is a founding member of the performance art group Sonoluminescence. He “plays” video; projecting live and pre-rendered content on dancers and musicians.